Feb 25

How To Choose a Pricing Gun Label

Choosing the correct pricing label for your pricing gun is fairly simple and straightforward once you know what you‘re looking for. In fact, if you have already purchased your pricing gun, the decision may have been made for you. Every pricing gun has compatible pricing labels and though some pricing guns may be compatible with a few price marking labels, the selection becomes limited by the pricing gun you own. If you have already purchased a pricing gun, read the model number from the side of the pricing gun to learn which price labels are compatible.

If you have not already purchased your pricing gun, there are a few important factors to consider in helping you choose. In this case, choosing your price label may also steer you to the right pricing gun.

1-Are you looking for labels with 1, 2 or 3 lines of print?

shop pricing gunPricing labels come in many different sizes that can accommodate varying amounts of print. Some pricing labels are smaller and are made to hold just a price and some text. Other pricing labels are larger and can feature additional text or price comparisons.

2-Do you want to customize your pricing labels?

Many pricing labels are customizable, which means you can add your store name and address or other marketing or merchandising text what is available on the price marking band. Customizable pricing labels are the ideal way to transmit additional information such as a store address or website to increase customer retention.

3-Are your pricing labels going to be in conditions that require special handling?

Some pricing labels come with optional removable or freezer-grade adhesive. If your products, and thereby your pricing labels, are kept in cold conditions or if they are subject to multiple price changes, these options are extremely advantageous.Other options to consider are tamper-proof security slits and custom colors.

4-What specific text do you want to appear on your pricing labels?

This is where the pricing label decision meets the pricing gun decision. Different pricing guns offer different character, text, symbol and number options. Some pricing guns are specifically geared toward promotional text, others to date stamping, inventory or expiration dates. It’s important to look at the band images for each gun to determine which suits your price marking needs. Once you’ve chosen your gun, the best pricing label is the compatible one.