Jan 25


Even the most well made pricing gun can jam on occasion. Just as important as what to do when confronted with a jammed pricing gun is what not to do. DO NOT TAKE APART YOUR PRICING GUN! Unless you have the mechanical expertise to reassemble the pricing gun, even if you clear the jam, you may be left with only pricing gun parts and no pricing gun.

If your pricing gun is jammed, the first step is to clear any and all pricing gun labels from the pricing gun. Turn the pricing gun upside down and gently shake it a few times to clear any loose pricing labels and make sure to clean out any pricing label backings from the rear of the gun.

Once you’ve completed that step, take a small file (many pricing guns come equipped with a file made expressly for this purpose) and clear any additional labels from the pricing gun’s label slot. More often than not, an errant label will be the cause of the jam.

If you’ve determined that there are no pricing labels caught in the pricing gun, lubricate all the visible pricing gun parts to ensure they are working smoothly.

If you are unable to repair the jam, call your pricing gun retailer’s customer service center. Most retailers, including pricinggunsworld.com, offer pricing gun repair that is quick and reliable. Additionally, review your pricing gun manufacturer warranty carefully. Many pricing gun manufacturers offer a 1 year warranty which includes pricing gun repair while XL Pro pricing guns come with a 5 year warranty which includes pricing gun repair.