About Pricing Gun World

Our beginning:

We are a family owned business. We began when Barry, the founder, was still in graduate school, and Pearl his wife was a young entrepreneur. We found that major Manufacturers were selling these same products at almost obscene markups, up to ten times the Cost of Goods. It was apparent that we, as a small, well run company, could offer our customers substantial savings, and yet provide them with superior service, while showing a healthy profit.

Since our outset, we have grown rapidly via direct mail, space ads and primarily telemarketing. We now have a nation wide customer base of over 6,000 accounts, spread out through many different retail sectors. We offer our customers the same products at sharply discounted prices, and provide the type of service that the huge manufactures can't afford to give. Our philosophy is "It may be our price that got you, but it's our service that is going to keep you".

As we have doubled sales almost every year that we have been in business, we assume that we must be doing something right!

Our future:

Our market is huge and ever growing.

In the US alone there are over 1 million retail establishments, all of which are using some form of marking system for pricing the products that they sell. We currently have a very small percentage of the total market, and for us to reach our goals as a company, we would still need but a small piece of the total market share.

Our major competitors are doing in excess of a Billion dollars a year, and we find ourselves acquiring their customers every day of the week. As we expand, we are getting more involved in the 1.5 billion dollar Bar Code supply industry. We see this as a major source for our future growth.

As a young, growing, and proactive, marketing entity, we have the capacity to quickly assess and react to new opportunities and changes in our marketplace, yet we have 13 years of experience behind us to help us make the right strategic moves, to insure our profitable growth .

As such we find ourselves, poised for unparalleled growth. We hope that you will join, and "grow with us"!