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Oct 01

Kids + Pricing Guns = Fun!

In addition to being the optimal labeling device in a retailer’s toolbox, Monarch Pricing Guns have other amazing uses that you may not have considered. Case in point: Did you know that a pricing or label gun can help get your kids off their computers and into the fresh air and sunshine?   It’s a …

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Aug 16

Pricing Guns: The Vegan Alternative

As you may not be aware, the more Monarch pricing and labeling guns you buy, the more inexpensive they become. Did you know you can purchase ten pricing guns for less than the price of just one? Seriously!   To continue, they’re not just for labeling merchandise anymore. Pricing guns have a variety of uses; …

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Aug 19

Monarch 1110 Pricing Gun – changing inker

Jul 01


Many movies and books predict a future where human beings attack one another (or aliens) with powerful laser guns. I have no doubt this will one day be a reality. Few predictions of the future feature laser pricing guns, however, which will also be available in the future. In the future laser Monarch price guns …

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Jun 22

Spotlight on the Monarch 1156 Pricing gun

One line pricing gun Prints 7 large and bold characters 3 different printing configurations to choose from Ability to print units of measure Great sales and promotions All Monarch 1156 models use the same pricing labels and have the same outer appearance Monarch 1156 – Basics The Monarch 1156 is a one line gun and the …

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Jun 08

Exploring the Monarch 1115 Pricing Gun

The Pricing Gun Monarch 1115 – Basics The Monarch 1115 is a two-line pricing gun. The labels therefore have a top line for pricing, a customizable or preprinted middle line, and a bottom line for additional pricing. The Monarch 1115 boasts an almost endless amount of usage options. Because it is a two-line pricing gun, …

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Jun 04

Monarch Sure Sell Labelers –

These Labelers have one thing in common– they will SAVE you money! Eliminate large inventories of preprinted labels–one Labeler does it all! The versatile Monarch Sure-Sell Labelers comes with your choice of 12 different words that are most important to you. Plus a choice of print positions to meet your specific needs! Because you have the flexibility to print the …

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Apr 20

Monarch: For Identification, Pricing, and Tracking Solutions

The industry’s most well-known and bestselling line of pricing guns for over 30 years, Monarch remains the most popular brand of price marking equipment on the market. Its one, two and three line models offer easy to change ink rollers, an adjustable printhead to change prices quickly, multiple band variations and an advanced loading technology …

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Mar 26

Overview of the Monarch 1130 Pricing labels

Monarch Labeler & Monarch Labels The Monarch labeler and Monarch labels are among the world’s best pricing guns from the Monarch Paxar range . The Monarch labels and Monarch Labeler have a top line that is customizable or preprinted and a bottom line for pricing. The Monarch labeler range are simple guns, that keep things easy to …

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Mar 13

Why Choose Monarch Pricing Guns ?

Monarch is Reliable Monarch® Handheld Labelers are designed to meet the specific and rigorous needs of retailers, manufacturers and distributors/route drivers. Monarch® Labelers have been drop tested for durability and are backed by our standard One-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty and a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. Monarch is Productive Monarch® Labelers give you the highest quality performance …

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