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Pricing Guns

Aug 03

Which Pricing Gun is the Best?

Which Pricing Gun is the best? This is a very common question and there is no correct way to really answer this question. Pricing guns are used for more then just pricing, coding, expiration dates, inventory tracking and times are just a few ways that pricing guns can be used. Pricing guns are used in …

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May 17

Custom Labels for Pricing Gun

Oct 01

Kids + Pricing Guns = Fun!

In addition to being the optimal labeling device in a retailer’s toolbox, Monarch Pricing Guns have other amazing uses that you may not have considered. Case in point: Did you know that a pricing or label gun can help get your kids off their computers and into the fresh air and sunshine?   It’s a …

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Sep 07

My Label Gun

If I had a Monarch price gun I’d want a holster for it so I could carry it around wherever I went. I mean I’d need a holster, obviously. I’d keep it ready just in case. Just in case what you may ask? Well what if someone’s gettin’ feisty in the club. I’d put my …

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Aug 16

Pricing Guns: The Vegan Alternative

As you may not be aware, the more Monarch pricing and labeling guns you buy, the more inexpensive they become. Did you know you can purchase ten pricing guns for less than the price of just one? Seriously!   To continue, they’re not just for labeling merchandise anymore. Pricing guns have a variety of uses; …

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Feb 11

Towa Price Gun – changing the inker

Dec 16

Towa Pricing Gun

Towa pricing gun are a great choice for all of your price marking, inventory coding and time/date stamping. Towa pricing guns come in one, two or three line models and feature many different printing combinations. Towa pricing guns are compact, long lasting and easy to use. As always there is free shipping on all pricing …

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Aug 19

Monarch 1110 Pricing Gun – changing inker

Jul 10

A Batman With a Retail Supplies Belt

When I was a kid, I always wanted a utility belt like Batman’s. I imagined having a gun that could shoot to rooftops and latch onto their cornices;  the gun would reel me up and I’d capture bad guys. That was the coolest thing to me. I’d play with my action figures and make them …

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Jul 01


Many movies and books predict a future where human beings attack one another (or aliens) with powerful laser guns. I have no doubt this will one day be a reality. Few predictions of the future feature laser pricing guns, however, which will also be available in the future. In the future laser Monarch price guns …

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