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Oct 01

Kids + Pricing Guns = Fun!

In addition to being the optimal labeling device in a retailer’s toolbox, Monarch Pricing Guns have other amazing uses that you may not have considered. Case in point: Did you know that a pricing or label gun can help get your kids off their computers and into the fresh air and sunshine?


Laser TagIt’s a game called Price Tag; You’re IT! Similar to a regular game of tag, Price Tag utilizes a sturdy, built to last Monarch Pricing and Label Gun. Whoever is the designated “IT” chases the other kids around in an attempt to affix a pricing label to their person. Not only does this action-packed game provide children with some much-needed exercise, it also lends itself nicely to their self-esteem development. Imagine the thrill a child might experience in having a $1,000,000.00 price tag on his or her back. Talk about self-worth!


Don’t worry, Mom & Dad: Pricing and label guns are 100% safe. They shoot neither gamma rays nor real (or rubber) bullets—just harmless labels that peel off skin and clothing easily.


Here is an idea for an interesting and whimsical twist on the game of Price Tag: if the ‘tagee,’ meaning the kid who’s been tagged, can spot and alert the other players to a live Monarch butterfly within one minute, such a sighting trumps that player being tagged.


Caveat: It is imperative that the butterfly remain alive and well throughout the game. Other than that, have fun, kids!

The Price Tag game is just one of many supplementary benefits of owning a versatile Monarch Pricing and Label Gun.