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Aug 19

Monarch 1110 Pricing Gun – changing inker

Aug 03

Monarch 1110 Pricing Gun – Loading Labels

Jul 27

Pricing guns Towa changing the inker

Jul 23

Pricing Guns – Meto Changing the ink roller

Jul 22

Pricing Gun Changing Ink Monarch 1115

Jul 10

A Batman With a Retail Supplies Belt

When I was a kid, I always wanted a utility belt like Batman’s. I imagined having a gun that could shoot to rooftops and latch onto their cornices;  the gun would reel me up and I’d capture bad guys. That was the coolest thing to me. I’d play with my action figures and make them do that on the stairs or the side of a table. When you’re a kid and you’re mind is spongy and uncorrupted by societal values and strictures, all you really need is your imagination.

Today, I work with a retail supplies belt and a Monarch price gun, which makes great shooting sounds. It’s not exactly the same, but it’s pretty cool nonetheless. Sometimes, I’ll let my imagination run away with me and I’ll pretend that I am Batman and I have all of his cool supplies. I’ll barrel roll in the backroom and pull my Monarch price gun to shoot my enemy, or tag a few cans. Sometimes the job can get tedious, so you have to have fun with it. Pretending to be Batman is one way I do so. I’m just lucky I’m able to still use my imagination, unlike most people.

Jul 01


GarveyMany movies and books predict a future where human beings attack one another (or aliens) with powerful laser guns. I have no doubt this will one day be a reality. Few predictions of the future feature laser pricing guns, however, which will also be available in the future.

In the future laser Monarch price guns will be standard issue for all retail employees. They will have 3 settings, price, stun, and kill. The first will be to digitally assign prices to objects and the latter two will be to deter crime and subdue unruly customers. Pricing gun labels will become so expensive when all the trees vanish from the earth (paper will become a highly valuable commodity) the switch to digital laser price guns will become an economic necessity.

Customers entering a store will need only touch an item to see a holographic depiction of its price and features. It is sure to make shopping a lot easier. Life will be easier for employees of retail stores as well. If they make a mistake pricing an item all it will take to correct is one delicate blast from their laser price gun. In store patrons become irate they can simply stun them and leave them in the hover car parking lot.

Jun 22

Spotlight on the Monarch 1156 Pricing gun


  • One line pricing gun
  • Prints 7 large and bold characters
  • 3 different printing configurations to choose from
  • Ability to print units of measure
  • Great sales and promotions
  • All Monarch 1156 models use the same pricing labels and have the same outer appearance

Monarch 1156 – Basics
The Monarch 1156 is a one line gun and the label print area is centered. The print from this gun is larger than most, and therefore, rather eye catching on the A0004 labels. The stock print or custom can be above or below the pricing area.

The labels that coordinate with the Monarch 1156, are the A0006, which also work in several other Monarch pricing guns. Independent of the gun that the labels will be used with, the A0004 labels are all packaged in rolls of 1,000. There are eight (8) rolls per sleeve, the equivalent of 8,000 labels. Boxes may be referred to as sleeves or packages, rolls are used to refill the actual pricing gun. When ordered in case quantity, there are sixteen (16) boxes per case, making that a total of 168 rolls or 168,000 labels in a case.

The dimensions of the A0004 labels are 0.75″ x 1.22″.

The labels for the Monarch 1156 are available in 15 different colors, as well as various different stock prints, including “USE BY”, “SALE PRICE” and “SPECIAL”. As mentioned above, the top line may also be used for custom print

They are available with or without tamper proof slits. If not requested specifically all labels are produced with slits, as well as general adhesive. General adhesive is the regular adhesive, similar to a piece of tape. The A0004 do come in a special part gum label, which has a line of perforation, so that half the label can be torn off, while the other half remains firmly on the object. The labels are also available with removable adhesive that will make removing the labels, after the promotion has ended, easier. Another option found with the A0004 labels is that they come in a rainbow pack, which is a sleeve of several different colored rolls.


It’s indispensable in:

  • Hospitals
  • Doctor offices
  • Nursing homes
  • Pharmacies
  • Medical services

Some tracking uses include :

  • Patient movement from ward to ward
  • Sterilization of medical instruments
  • Pharmaceutical distribution
  • Fill dates on tanks
  • Expiration dates on medical supplies
  • Billing for patient charts

Jun 08

Exploring the Monarch 1115 Pricing Gun

pricing-gun-Monarch-1115The Pricing Gun Monarch 1115 – Basics

The Monarch 1115 is a two-line pricing gun. The labels therefore have a top line for pricing, a customizable or preprinted middle line, and a bottom line for additional pricing. The Monarch 1115 boasts an almost endless amount of usage options. Because it is a two-line pricing gun, the labels can carry more information. The Monarch 1115 labels labels are great for comparing prices, labeling outdoor products, and keeping track of shelf dates, SKU codes, and quite a bit more. The labels for the monarch 1115 are available in fifteen different colors, as well as various different stock prints, including “sale,” “clearance” and “special.” As mentioned above, the middle line may also be used for custom print.

Labels typically come 10 rolls per box. Each box contains 15,000 labels and there are 16 boxes per case. This means that a case includes a total of 240,000 labels which are divided into 160 rolls. Boxes may be referred to as sleeves or packages. Rolls are used to refill the actual pricing gun. Ink rollers for the guns are also replaceable; one is usually included when you purchase a gun and it always comes with a sleeve of labels. Monarch 1115 guns can usually be repaired while walking through the issues with a customer service representative over the phone. The Monarch 1115 is made in the US and has a one-year warranty. It is plastic and lightweight, perfect for labeling throughout the store.

Monarch 1115 – Model Options

Monarch 1115 pricing guns print up to sixteen characters on two lines. The 1115 labeler is available in five different band configurations. All of the monarch1115 pricing gun models use the same price labels and have the same outer appearance. Beyond the standard models, there is always the option of further customizing the bands to better suit individual needs. This is easily done by calling a sales representative who will be glad to be of assistance.

Qualities of all Monarch 1115 pricing guns:

  • Two-line pricing gun
  • Pricing or coding, both top and bottom lines
  • Prints up to 16 characters
  • 5 different printing configurations to choose from
  • Ability to print units of measure and dates
  • Alpha bands for cost codes available
  • All Monarch 1115 models use the same pricing labels
  • The Monarch 1115 is available in a number of different models:

Jun 04

Monarch Sure Sell Labelers –

These Labelers have one thing in common– they will SAVE you money!
Eliminate large inventories of preprinted labels–one Labeler does it all!
The versatile Monarch Sure-Sell Labelers comes with your choice
of 12 different words that are most important to you. Plus a
choice of print positions to meet your specific needs!
Because you have the flexibility to print the words you want in the quantity you need when you need them, you can eliminate large inventories of preprinted labels. Significantly cut your costs by
using plain less costly rolls of blank labels.

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