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Aug 16

Pricing Guns: The Vegan Alternative

As you may not be aware, the more Monarch pricing and labeling guns you buy, the more inexpensive they become. Did you know you can purchase ten pricing guns for less than the price of just one? Seriously!


To continue, they’re not just for labeling merchandise anymore. Pricing guns have a variety of uses; all you need is a little imagination. Take for instance, the vernal holiday is right around the corner. So, instead of dying eggs—again—this year, try something a little different. Order ten Monarch pricing gun for an unbelievably low price, and hide them around your home or yard instead of the eggs. The kids will love it–and so will the ADULTS! Case in point: who doesn’t want a new pricing gun? A person could label every piece of furniture in the house, if they so desire. Or, how about using them to label and/or date frozen foods?

The kids will have a blast playing pricing gun freeze-tag, and countless additional games that will undoubtedly spring forth from their creative young minds. Plus, they won’t be consuming a ridiculous amount of boiled eggs, which will help lower cholesterol.

However, the real beauty of opting for pricing guns over hard-boiled eggs is the positive effect it will have on the environment. No more needlessly wasting eggs! Not only that, but imagine the joy on the chickens’ pointed little faces when they actually get to hatch and raise their children! Oh, the humanity!

So, think outside the ol’ egg basket this year. Buy Monarch pricing guns and put a smile on a chicken’s beak!