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Sep 07

My Label Gun

If I had a Monarch price gun I’d want a holster for it so I could carry it around wherever I went. I mean I’d need a holster, obviously. I’d keep it ready just in case. Just in case what you may ask? Well what if someone’s gettin’ feisty in the club. I’d put my …

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Mar 17

PricingGunWorld.com, the Leader in Pricing Guns & Label Guns

Competitive pricing and superior customer service are the foundation of PricingGunWorld.com‘s continued success in an industry that has seen numerous takeovers and buyouts. Pricing Gun World provides its loyal and growing customer base with the highest quality line of products available on a newly-revamped, user friendly website and at prices that demonstrate its commitment to …

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Mar 15

Pricing Gun Manufacturers—An Overview

While all pricing guns or price marking labelers are comprised of the same basic elements: band layout, ink roller, label feeder and labels, pricing guns vary in subtle ways depending upon which company manufacturers them. Pricing guns differ by construction, design, versatility, efficiency and features, to name just a few. Following is an overview of …

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Feb 05

Right Retail Supplies Benefit Your Business

It might appear trivial, but the appropriate retail supplies help determines the success of your business. Not all price guns are identical, and different businesses may need different retail supplies depending on their size. With the holiday season, which is the busiest season, fast approaching; it is imperative that you have the appropriate retail supplies. …

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Jan 13

The Right Price Label Gun for Your Business

There is no such thing as the “right” price label gun; there is only the price label gun that best suits your business. Different price guns have certain features that make them assets to your business. For example, if you generally have a very large inventory, speed and reliability are two must-have label gun traits. …

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Jan 11

Load a Monarch Pricing Gun

The most important basic step of using a Monarch Price Gun is knowing the proper way to load the Monarch labels. At the back of the price gun, there are two spindles that hold the label roll. There is also a slot and two small, black rollers, where you place the first label to feed …

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