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Jun 04

Monarch Sure Sell Labelers –

These Labelers have one thing in common– they will SAVE you money! Eliminate large inventories of preprinted labels–one Labeler does it all! The versatile Monarch Sure-Sell Labelers comes with your choice of 12 different words that are most important to you. Plus a choice of print positions to meet your specific needs! Because you have the flexibility to print the …

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Apr 27

What makes removable adhesive labels removable?

Removable adhesive pricing gun labels are available by most major pricing gun manufacturers including Monarch, Garvey and XL Pro. Removable pricing gun labels are ideal for giftware as well as quick and easy price changes. But what makes removable adhesive pricing gun labels removable? The strength or stickiness of pricing gun label adhesive is dependent …

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Mar 11

Focus on the Monarch 1110 Pricing Gun

The Pricing gun Monarch 1110 The most popular price marking labels are the  Monarch 1110 or A0001 made by Paxar/Monarch. The easy to learn and use pricing gun is partially the reason for this, but it is mostly to do with cost. The Monarch 1110 labels and guns are relatively cheap and while they do …

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