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Sep 07

My Label Gun

If I had a Monarch price gun I’d want a holster for it so I could carry it around wherever I went. I mean I’d need a holster, obviously. I’d keep it ready just in case. Just in case what you may ask?

Well what if someone’s gettin’ feisty in the club. I’d put my hand on my Monarch label gun and be like, “What son? You wanna get labelled with a label gun?” And if that fool stepped I’d point my label gun right at his forehead and shoot, and show everyone that he’s only worth pennies. Then he’d know what was up.

Or if I were shopping at a supermarket near my house and I saw one of my favorite jar of preserves for an absurdly high price, I may do a little in-store editing. I wouldn’t want to draw too much attention, so I’d price it fairly, in line with how much I’d be willing to spend, while still offering the store a profit, albeit a much smaller one. You’d be surprised how expensive fine preserves are.

There are many reasons to carry a label gun. I don’t think you need a permit, but you may want to check, just in case.