Towa 1 Labels

Label Counts :

Roll - 1,000 Labels in a Roll
Sleeve -
8,000 labels
8 Rolls per Sleeve

Case -
240,000 labels

30 Sleeves Per Case

Towa 1

Customize Your Label
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Price Gun
1 at $69.95 each 2 at $66.95 each 5 at $64.95 each 10 at $59.95 each
Stock Label Pricing
  • 1 Boxes
  • 4 Boxes
  • 7 Boxes
  • 15 Boxes
  • 30 Boxes
  • 16.50
  • 14.95
  • 14.95
  • 12.95
  • 9.95
59.95 $59.95
2. Choose Quantity
3. Add A Gun
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  • One line pricegun
  • Prints 6 characters
  • Custom bands available
  • Complete repair service available
  • 1 year warranty
TOWA 1 – Basics The TOWA 1 is a one line numeric pricing gun. The labels therefore have a top line that is customizable or preprinted and a bottom line for that is used for pricing. This gun prints six characters across. The TOWA1 price marking label gun is a basic, easy to use price marking gun that has proven to be tough and longstanding The TOWA 1 labels are great for clear pricing for indoor and outdoor products. The amazing open loading system of the Towa labelers in general, prevents loose labels from falling into the insides of the gun, as well as ensuring smooth operations and easy to load and remove labels. The TOWA guns also feature print adjustment not found on other guns. Towa guns are extremely durable as they are the only metal pricing gun around. If necessary, they can usually be repaired while walking through the issues with a customer service representative over the phone. The Towa guns are imported and may take longer to ship if on backorder.