Monarch 1151 Labels

Label Counts :

Roll - 1,000 Labels in a Roll
Sleeve -
6,000 labels
6 Rolls per Sleeve

Case -
96,000 labels

16 Sleeves Per Case

Monarch 1151 label gun

Customize Your Label
1. Choose Label
Price Gun
1 at $145.95 each 2 at $140.95 each 5 at $139.95 each 10 at $137.95 each
Stock Label Pricing
  • 1 Boxes
  • 2 Boxes
  • 4 Boxes
  • 16 Boxes
  • 32.95
  • 27.95
  • 26.95
  • 24.95
79.95 $79.95
2. Choose Quantity
3. Add A Gun
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  • One line pricing gun
  • Prints 7 characters
  • 5 different printing configurations to choose from
  • Uses jumbo labels, great for promotions and sales
  • Serrated edge promotional pricing labels available
  • All Monarch 1151 models use the same pricing labels and have the same outer appearance

The Monarch 1151 is a one line pricing gun. The labels have a large top line that is customizable or preprinted.
The Monarch 1151 is a simple gun, keeping things easy to use for both the workers and customers. The Monarch 1151 labels are great for clear pricing for indoor and outdoor products.
The labels for the Monarch 1151 are available in 15 different colors, (some may have a higher minimum than others) and have many stock prints.
The print is set to appear on the bottom half of the label, so that it is large and easy to see. This gun is used as a promotional labeler and so the top half can be used to bring the customer’s attention to the great buys.

TThe Monarch 1151 guns have the same printing abilities as the 1156, but the corresponding labels are larger. In addition to the regular three model options, there is the 1151-01C and 1151-02C, the “C” indicating center. These guns print on rounded edged labels.
Monarch 1151 pricing guns print 7 characters on one line. Monarch 1151 pricing guns print jumbo eye catching price marking labels. Monarch 1151 pricing guns come in 5 different band configurations and are ideal for promotions that need eye catching labels.