Monarch 1153 Labels

Label Counts :

Roll - 1,000 Labels in a Roll
Sleeve -
6,000 labels
6 Rolls per Sleeve

Case -
96,000 labels

16 Sleeves Per Case

Monarch 1153 Price gun labels

Customize Your Label
1. Choose Label
Price Gun
1 at $289.95 each 2 at $282.95 each 5 at $279.95 each 10 at $269.95 each
Stock Label Pricing
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  • 4 Boxes
  • 16 Boxes
  • 32.95
  • 27.95
  • 26.95
  • 24.95
79.95 $79.95
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3. Add A Gun
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  • Three line pricing gun
  • Prints 12 Characters on each line
  • 3 different band configurations to choose from
  • Ideal for sale pricing and inventory tracking
  • Ability to print numbers and letters
  • Ability to print units of measure
  • All models use the same pricing labels

Monarch 1153 - Basics
The Monarch 1153 is a three line pricing gun.
This label is set up for print on all three lines in order to correspond with those pricing guns features. Between each line of print, there is room for customization, a store name and/or number or a message to the customers. There are also stock prints such as “SALE”, “CLEARANCE”, “SALE PRICE” and “DISCOUNT”. The third line to print on, is slightly large, in order to best accommodate the coordinating guns.

The Monarch 1153 is a simple gun, keeping things easy to use for both the workers and the customers. The Monarch 1153 labels are great for clear pricing for indoor and outdoor products.

Monarch 1153 guns are plastic and lightweight, perfect for labeling throughout the store. The 1150 series is especially great for all-around use, because it has an open/close system. This means that the labels are protected and do not tangle, but are easily removed from the gun when needed.

If necessary, they can usually be repaired while walking through the issues with a customer service representative over the phone.

The Monarch 1153 is made in the US and has a one year warranty.

The labels that coordinate with the Monarch 1153, are the A0006, which also work in several other Monarch pricing guns. Independent of the gun that the labels will be used with, the A0006 labels are all packaged in rolls of 1,000. There are six (6) rolls per sleeve, the equivalent of 6,000 labels. Boxes may be referred to as sleeves or packages, rolls are used to refill the actual pricing gun. Each case contains 96,000 labels or a total of 96 rolls.

The dimensions of the A0006 labels are 1.00" x 1.22"