XL Pro 19B Labels

Label Counts :

Roll - 1,000 Labels in a Roll
Sleeve -
20,000 labels
20 Rolls per Sleeve

Case -
200,000 labels

10 Sleeves Per Case

XL Pro 19B

Customize Your Label
1. Choose Label
Price Gun
1 at $64.95 each 2 at $59.95 each 5 at $57.95 each 10 at $54.95 each
Stock Label Pricing
  • 1 Boxes
  • 2 Boxes
  • 4 Boxes
  • 8 Boxes
  • 49.95
  • 47.95
  • 44.95
  • 41.95
64.95 $64.95
2. Choose Quantity
3. Add A Gun
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  • One line pricing gun
  • Prints 6 characters
  • Custom bands available
  • 5 year warranty, includes gun repair and replacement

XL PRO 19B – Basics
The XL Pro 19B is a one line numeric pricing gun. The labels therefore have a top line that is customizable or preprinted and a bottom line for that is used for pricing. This gun prints six characters across.
The XL Pro18B price marking label gun is a basic, easy to use price marking gun that has proven to be tough and longstanding The XL PRO 19B labels are great for clear pricing for indoor and outdoor products. With the standard XL Pro five year warranty, the 19B is guaranteed to last.
The amazing open loading system of the XL labelers in general, prevents loose labels from falling into the insides of the gun, as well as ensuring smooth operations and easy to load and remove labels. The XL Pro guns also feature print adjustment not found on other guns.
TThe labels for the XL PRO 19B are available in 15 different colors, as well as various different stock prints, including “FROZEN”, “SELL BY” and “USE BY”. As mentioned above, the top line may also be used for custom print.
The XL PRO 19B prints 6 digits on a 3/4" wide x 15/32" tall label, also known as the P1912. Although the 18B and 19B band setup seems identical, the difference is clear once the first label prints. The 19B has a much longer label with the print taking up most of it. In comparison to the 19B, the 18B has almost double the amount of space to preprint. /p>