Shipping & Return Policy

Order Process

Here at Pricing Gun World , we value each and every order, regardless of size. However, there are certain details that can cause an order to have extra processing time. A custom order for example, has to be custom - created and can not ship out within our normal 2-4 day turnaround time.

Custom labels are a great way to combine your need for price labelling and advertising for your company. The way we ensure that your label comes out just the way you want it, is through a proofing system. Once you place the order, we’ll send the text to our factory and they will send us a proof or sample of what your label will look like. We then forward that proof to you, for you to approve. We will only allow the factory to create a plate once we have that approval. If there are any changes, we trust that you will let us know, prior to approval, so that we can best create the label of your dreams! After the plate is created, the labels are printed and then are ready to be shipped. The whole process, assuming that approval is smooth, takes about ten business days with additional shipping time.

As much as we try to avoid it, we do run into a back-order situation at times. In that event, we will do our best to either offer a comparable product or rush the back-ordered item. Generally, a back-ordered stock item can take 5-10 business days depending on where it is up to in producing cycle.

All orders that are placed online are charged automatically on the site, at the time of order placement. This is done securely through or Google Checkout, whichever you prefer! If the order is placed through Google Checkout, in the event that you’d like to change the order in anyway, you will have to provide your credit card information again.
If you’d rather prepay by check, COD (cash on delivery via UPS) or setup a Net 30 account (not available for first order), call in - 800.666.5223, and place the order with one of our experienced sales representatives.

By law, we are required to charge sales tax to all New York customers. If you have a resale tax certificate or are a non-profit organization and should not be charged tax, please contact us with the appropriate information and we will be happy to adjust the order.

If ordered through Google Checkout, an order can be cancelled without contacting us directly. Just cancel it on your end through Google Checkout and we will receive a notification in return. Otherwise, please call or e-mail and we will be happy to assist you.

Our warehouse is a busy place. All packages are checked prior to sealing. At times, there can be human error, which we apologize for and are ready to correct. Please let us know if something seems to be missing from the order and we will be happy to solve any issues. It is important to pay attention to the amounts on both the invoice and the product box. At times, customers don’t realize how small each label is and that one roll can contain 1,000 labels.

If you need a copy of an invoice, credit card slip or order conformation, please call in and request it. We apologize that at this time, we are not able to have it sent in an automated manner.


We are setup for UPS daily pickup and drop off and that is the service that we use for all our orders. If you would like your order shipped with a different service, we can accommodate, but the order must be placed over the phone.

COSTS is built with a UPS calculator that figures out your shipping charges based on weight and location. When there is a free shipping promotion, it only applies to the forty-eight contiguous states. If, for whatever reason, the shipping charge is incorrect, we reserve the right to hold on order until the extra shipping is charged.

Depending on the location, UPS delivers in 2-5 business days. Our main shipping point is in New York, but we also ship out of Ohio and Minnesota. In order to fill the order as fast as possible, we may ship part of the order from a separate location. Thus, your order may arrive in more than one package and might not be delivered all in the same day. If you are concerned that there is a delay of some sort, please contact customer service for specific status of your order.

We do offer express shipping options as seen in the checkout process. When we see an order with an express shipping, we mark it as a high priority order and process it as fast as we can. Custom can also ship express, but that will not shorten the required processing time.

Product Maintenance

All the pricing guns come with instructions in the box. We also have loading videos on each product’s page. We recommend for  further instructional videos.

The manufacturer recommends a new inker per sleeve of labels. Varying on the label type, we generally include the inkers in the package. We do offer the option of purchasing extra inkers as a separate product for those that are using multiple price guns in their stores.
Changing the inker can be clean and fast, when done correctly. Each gun is manufactured differently and therefore has a different method of changing the inker.
The XL Pro guns come with a plastic tool (shaped like a “T”) that is meant to aid the process. The piece is helpful, but not essential. The gun can be opened in the front and then the inker pops right out, ready to be changed.
The Monarch 1110s have a door on the side that gives access to the inker.
For help with the other guns, see the instructions in the box, or check to see if there is a loading video.

Labels can sometimes get stuck within the gun. This is a normal occurrence and is easy to fix. All our pricing guns are one piece tools that can easily be opened. To remove the jam simply open the gun as if to load and remove any labels that may have fallen off the strip.We do not advise anyone to take the tool apart at anytime, as that will void the warranty.

At times the print head is not aligned with the labels not allowing the print to print in its proper place on the label. Different models are different. The XL Pro, for example, has a screw on the bottom that controls where the print head will print, see the XL Pro instructions for more details. Various Monarch guns have different options, if you have trouble, call in and we can help you. Sometimes it helps to reload the price gun because that fraction of an inch will make all the difference.

Most of the price guns come with a manufacturer’s warranty. Generally it is for one year, but it depends on the brand. Please see the specific gun’s page for more details.


Our labels last for years. They retain their adhesive under all normal circumstances. There are special removable adhesive for less permanent labels. To specify, please call in and place the order via the phone.

There are more colors and fonts available upon request. They may require a special run and may take longer to ship out. Please call and inquire for exact PMS numbers.

Human Error

We recognize human error on the side of the business and the customer. If there seems to be an error, we welcome our customer’s input. Our goal is to work with our customers to ensure their satisfaction.


As part of our goal of complete customer satisfaction, we accept returns of stock items within 30 days of receipt of goods. Item must be in original packaging.
Before returning, please call and speak to our helpful customer service representatives and request a return authorization number. That number must be included for the return to be processed.
Custom items are not returnable.
On returns, we do not credit shipping fees. If the item was shipped free of charge, the total credit will be the amount paid, less the cost of shipping. For instance, an item that was sold for $49.95 with free shipping, and it cost us $5.32 as our shipping expense, the item will be credited for $44.63.

Contact Us

Please allow for 1 business day response time. Thank you.